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The Kirkland Tap and Trotter

The hip new Kirkland Tap and Trotter, mason jar utensil holders included!

Where it all goes down.

It’s no secret I’m a very big fan of Craigie on Main. When I heard chef owner Tony Maws was embarking on more casual dining, I was pretty pumped. The Craigie family described it as food Tony would make at home.

I have a deep appreciation for dishes that trick you into thinking they’re simple, when in fact the flavors are more complex than that high school physics equation that still has you scratching your head. A prime example of this was the spaghetti with chicken liver and pumpkin. This innocuous little dish made its shy way in front of me. After first bite, I wanted to dive into that assertive liver filled pumpkin and just live there forever and always. That chicken liver flavor was so divine, any Jewish grandma would have had her socks knocked off.

We’re here! Pony Bandit, which tastes dangerously like a grownup snow cone.

Some very polite and crusty bread

Beet and Puy Lentil Salad Bershire Blue cheese, frisee

Housemade Spaghetti chicken liver cream, pumpkin, brown butter

Roasted hen with a plethora of mushrooms (including my fave maiitake)

Sweet potato cake with candied pecans and maple ice cream

Fig bread pudding

Peace out T-Maws!

Mr. E and I were seated at the garde manger station, which is a real delight on its own. I love being able to catch glimpses of food prep. Based on some of my observations, it appears the restaurant hasn’t exactly reached the seamless orchestration that Craigie has achieved, but I have no doubt it will soon finds its rhythm.

The Kirkland Tap and Trotter
425 Washington St
Somerville, MA 02143
(857) 259-6585

Myers + Chang

There are some places you find yourself revisiting over and over and over again. The recent flavor of the month 2014 has been Myers + Chang, the restaurant love child of one Joanne Chang and Christopher Myers. Joanne Chang changed my life with her godly status sticky buns from Flour. I even went so far as to recreate them in my home (here). If I were trying to make sticky sweet unleavened bread for Passover, I would have succeeded. Needless, to say, it was a bit of a proofing fail, but it did taste darn good!

The husband and wife team have created a menu full of familiar twists and turns — savory, bright, complex flavors you’ll find in Chinatown, but with a much hipper spin. Queue that for those delicate friends of yours who are afraid to try dim sum in Chinatown.

fresh rolls served with a peanut sauce that is finger lickin’ good

spicy dan dan noodles

general myers’s chicken wings with candied sesame and orange peel

pork belly bao // miso glazed carrots that may convert you to vegetarianism

pork dumplings

crispy salt + pepper calamari and jalapenos with sriracha aioli

my dining mates who cannot handle heat

Ray Ray! (fellow Cooking Agent, remember this?)

At this point, I’ve probably gone through the entire menu and there hasn’t been anything I’ve been disappointed with. Though some dishes may stray from your truly authentic Chinese eats, I don’t mind the adventure.

Myers + Chang
1145 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02118


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