My parents, in cute parent form, took Mr. E and me out to dinner our last night in Vegas. They got the wonderful tip from their accountant (always trust food enthusiastic accountants!) to visit Picasso in the Bellagio, where we were staying.

Knowing very little about the Vegas food scene, I sadly had no idea about fine dining on the Strip. This place boasts 2 Michelin Stars and was awarded AAA Five Diamonds 11 years in a row. That’s nuts! For those wine savvy diners, the restaurant has a cellar stocked with over 1,400 wine bottles from European vineyards and for those true art enthusiasts, the restaurant is adorned with $10 million worth of original Picassos. My dad asked the obvious question — how good is your security?

Chilled Potato Leek Soup & Croquette with Serrano Ham

Crème of Butternut Squash
Amaretto Marshmallows and Mushroom Duxelles

Foie Gras au Torchon
Pineapple and Port Reduction

Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon
Potato Puree and Mushrooms

Beurre Noisette Cinnamon Brioche
Black Cherries, Candied Almonds and French Toast Ice Cream

I mean how pretty are these candied almonds?

This dinner was out of this world. In addition to having Mr. E spend more time with my family (love that), the food was really incredible. I melt for good French food and I loved the fact that Chef Serrano was a Spaniard who spent much of his life learning in France… sounds like Picasso himself no?

One spoonful of the squash soup was a little Thanksgiving tease, warm hearty squash highlighted by the light sweet marshmallows and deepened by the mushrooms’ umami. I could baptize my first born in this soup. I’m preferential toward seared foie gras, but the traditional cold torchon was rich and cut beautifully by the port pineapple tang. I could have done with a few more pieces of toast.

As is the norm for me at these multi course meals, I was so full by plate #3. I practically kicked myself when the feeling sank in, knowing my next course would be that gorgeous Wagyu filet. It was worth the force feeding and every bite was a slice of tender, juicy melt in your mouth heaven.

For dessert, I selected french toast overload. That wasn’t what it was called, but secretly I think someone back in the kitchen calls it that. The plate was so pretty, it took a few minutes before I finally poked at one of the candied almonds. The french toast was rich. Like seriously rich. And the addition of the french toast ice cream put this dish over the edge. ‘Twas a beautiful end to the meal.

Definitely left that night a winner. Don’t get too excited — it was a penny slot.

3600 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 693-7111

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