No. 9 Park

When it comes to eating, I don’t make promises I can’t keep. Edgar and I had the good fortune of sharing a bar side meal at Hungry Mother with Courtney, No. 9 Park’s general manager (translation: boss lady). We wined, dined, and talked food — a lot of food. At the end of the night, I’d called Courtney my blood brother after professing our shared love for cheese. Also, anyone who can pronounce Bayrischer Blauschimmelkase correctly deserves gold stars.

Two seats reserved at the bar compliments of Courtney and bartender Jessica

Asked for ginger beer and grapefruit and got a sweet tiki drink!

foie gras, toasted almonds, Vin Santo

rohan duck, quince, pumpkin confiture

matsutake mushrooms, shaved romano

gorgonzola fondue, brioche, mixed greens

Bourbon Raisin, Banana, Miso

handpicked by our GM Courtney

I ordered the prune stuffed gnocchi, the marinated lamb with fondue at the suggestion of our bartender, and the pavĂ©. It’s impossible to know the flavor of the gnocchi and even consider trying something new. The first time I had it, I was floored. I’d never imagined what this dish would have tasted like, but the thought of prunes intrigued me. I tried it, loved it, and never looked back. In fact, at the start of 2011, I even went so far as to recreate this masterpiece at home and not without some bumps in the road like setting off my fire alarm (here).

The others were brought out as special treats for being Courtney’s guests. My favorite was the foie terrine studded with duck confit. I mean come on. Accoutrements were very fall appropriate, but the terrine itself was SOOOOOOO smooth. I had a terrine recently at Picasso, which is a Michelin restaurant and I am confident to say No. 9 Park smoked that other terrine.

Risotto was another great extra dish. I was really torn between the gnocchi and the risotto when I was deciding what to order, but like I said before, it was not really a battle. However, I felt a pang of sorrow for giving up the matsutake mushrooms. When the risotto arrived at the bar, my inner child was doing cartwheels.

The lamb dish was such a fun interactive dish. Perfect little lamb morsels served on small pieces of toasted bread cubes, ready to be dipped in molten gorgonzola. It was served with a small salad to cut some of the stinky cheesiness. I ate every last piece, which I’m positive contributed to my weekly weight gain.

Finally, dessert which was so rich. I couldn’t really pick up any banana, but it was still a wonderful dessert. Then came the best extra dish of the night, the cheese plate. Unfortunately, even I had to recognized my limits and I could only take small nibbles of each piece. Not one to waste wonderful items like this, I pulled the doggie bag card and brought it home to my twin sister, who is also a heavy cheese eater.

Edgar and I gave our thanks and bid our farewells and off we drove into the sunset also known as Drink, where Ezra made us some ridiculous libations to end our night.

No 9 Park
9 Park St
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 742-9991

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