Jazz and Korean. Seriously, who knew? MJ Chung knew, that’s who.

A former Bon Chon and Mad for Chicken franchisee, Chung took an already “novel” idea and threw in over 3,000 vinyl records, a designer who was mad for industrial and wood everything, and some pretty snazzy fresh fruit soju drinks to boot!

a look into MONO+MONO’s kitchen

A wall full of vinyl

Perusing the menu, I noticed a lot of the usual fare for Asian fusion restaurants. I’m always a little wary. Sometimes Asian identity crisis on a menu is a problem. Here, not too much.

Grilled Edamame
grilled edamame in cradle of corn husk

Calamari with Asparagus
pan-grilled marinated calamari with gochujang

Tofu Salad
tofu, mixed greens, cherry tomato, daikon sprout, katsuobushi and sesame dressing

Angry Salmon Roll
salmon, shrimp tempura, cucumber, crab meat, salmon roe and avocado

soy garlic / hot & spicy

Pineapple Coconut Mojito / Lychee Mojito


The secret of Korean fried chicken is that it’s batterless. Are you gasping?! The chicken is double fried which creates an almost paper thin crispy skin that is curiously not greasy at all. The chicken is served in one of two sauces – the hot and spicy or the soy garlic. We ordered a large with a few hot and spicy thrown in the mix. I didn’t get to nab one of the spicy pieces, however the soy marinaded chicken was some heavenly poultry candy. Good Lord. If you’ve never had Korean fried chicken, run. I cannot stress how quickly you need to run. Find your nearest K-town and just book it.

With a piano that doubles as a table just beyond the bar, the extensive record library, and live DJing, it’s apparent MONO+MONO is as enthusiastic about music as it is about chicken. While all of the food we ordered was delicious, I think for MONO+MONO, the experience and atmosphere are what you’re going in for.

One HUGE con is the fact that MONO+MONO only take cash or Amex. Seriously?! What genius came up with that idea? Neiman Marcus did something like this a few years back, which I discovered when I was about to drop a G on a whole slew of DVF goodies. Fortunately or unfortunately, I did not have an Amex or a personal check to hand over and so my emotional spending spree came to a screeching halt. That’s what this kind of felt like, except I couldn’t give back the chicken since you know, I already ate it. Ruh roh. Enter the boyfriends to the rescue!

With that little tidbit in mind, I’m not sure that I’d make the trip back to MONO+MONO unless I made a conscious effort to get myself to an ATM prior to dining. That being said, the food is worth a try (chicken is a must!) and you should wash it down with one of their delicious fruit cocktails.

116 E 4th St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 466-6660

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