The Barking Crab

The past month has been filled to the brim with elbow grease and chronic exhaustion. Mr. E and I have made significant progress on his beautiful South Shore home, which I’m happy to report is now ready to be sold. Bring it real estate market!

Now that some major to do’s have been checked off the list, I’ve found myself back in Back Bay trying to hangout more in our new temporary home. With Spring in full swing now, or at least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself with the recent temperature spike, Mr. E and I have been taking advantage of the Public Garden and have been on a few nightly strolls.

Last night, in the midst of a 4 hour long stroll, we headed to an oldie but a goodie.

Beautiful Seaport (courtesy of Mr. E)

Shocked by how fake the background looks. We were there, scout’s honor!

We have arrived. WOOF!

About to get my eat on

Unsweetened iced tea with extra lemon — one of the best flavors of summertime

Oysters Rockafeller

Oh hello little fried clam babies

Mr. E’s fish and chips

The atmosphere is so laid back at The Barking Crab, it was built for the summer. There’s really nothing like being right on the water, sitting at a picnic table with a bunch of your closet friends (or soon to be closet friends) with some serious crab legs and an ice cold beer. In a bottle of course. We’re not messing around with glassware.

Some locals and “locals” find this place a little gritty and rundown, the service on the spotty side, and in general a giant tourist trap. You know what? That’s nice. I love Disney World. Considering the atmosphere and yes, the sea of tourists this place brings in during the warmer months, your meal certainly won’t come with a small price tag. Your basic fried and boiled seafood fare is good, but by no means great. If you want great, head to Island Creek Oysters just don’t expect that neighborhood feeling you get at The Barking Crab.

If you’re going to go, pick a warm summer night. The key is to sit outside and expect to wait around. Nestle in at the bar, get an iced cold beverage, and make a few friends. And if you’re feeling bold, like Mr. E and I were last night, power walk off some calories in the direction of the North End.

And make sure you save just enough space in your belly for a single cannoli

The Barking Crab
88 Sleeper St
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 426-2722

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