My Women (and my top that pairs so well with my tiki mug!)

Roasted eggplant caponata with green daikon, caperberries, and toasted sourdough

Summer calls for tiki drinks. Am I right? I don’t know if it’s the refreshing fruitiness, the fun tiki mugs, or the fact that you’re immediately transported to some warm and wonderful Polynesian island when you sip on your beverage, but there’s something pretty magical about tiki drinks when you’re in the warmer months.

I’ve been to Drink a half a dozen times now and it’s always been hit or miss with me. The place is called Drink for a reason and most of the bartenders boast some pretty intense drinks as their favorites. Unfortunately with knowledge comes pretentiousness. The line between artful mixology and haughty bar tending is sometimes rather thin. This last visit was on the favorable hit side. The bar was half empty so our bartender gave us an appropriate amount of attention. He was extremely helpful and made good suggestions. Thanks guy!

To go along with our beverages, we ordered some small bites – smoked salmon toasts with creme fraiche, eggplant caponata, and fries with malt vinegar aioli. First off, those fries. A God send. I eat my fair share of french fries and these are thick (not as thick as a wedge but not flimsy like a fast food fry) and hold their form during manic dipping. The smoked salmon toasts were simply scrumptious and my mates and I vowed to replicate this at home. Lastly, the caponata. It was sweet and sour and nutty and all things wonderful. One for bright acidity, I always appreciate an assertive splash of vinegar in my food. This small plate is a must for a light summer snack with your tiki drink.

It’s worth the trip to Drink. Doing a little research on cocktails prior is helpful so you’re not left without any defenses at the bar. Oh, and when you get here, you’ll likely find me in the corner on early evenings stuffing my face with fries. I’ll have a tiki drink.

348 Congress St
Boston, MA 02228
(617) 695-1806

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