Happy 4th!

6 days later, happier, 3 lbs. heavier, and covered with some rather frightful bug bites, I’m back from my mini Long Island vacation. I’ve been living in the greater Boston area now for nearly 9 years and I always feel like going back home forces me to hit the reset button. There’s really nothing like being home with family, friends, and the food you grew up with.

Best darn breakfast sandwiches in Nassau County

Chicken cutlet broccoli rabe panini // Grillin’ chicken on the 4th

Can’t let hot coals go to waste

My beloved dogs // S’mores!

Spending some quality time in the sun

Beach kids // Everything with lox

My cousin Aly and I in Little Italy// Tiramisu from Cafe Palermo

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend and had time to recharge. I know I feel refreshed and rearin’ to go.

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