Whisk at 351 Hanover

Birthday’s are really special to me. My birthday, your birthday. Doesn’t matter. I like making a fuss. You deserve it! For the past few years, I feel as though Krissie and my birthday is treated like a month long holiday. I have no problem with that. We celebrate with just the two of us, with the boys, with our parents, with friends. The combinations go on and on. So, following our special twin only birthday dinner at Bistro Du Midi, which I will not be blogging about because I treated myself to a night off to simply enjoy my sister and my meal, we were treated to a couple birthday dinner. FYI, Bistro Du Midi was amazing, so be sure I’ll be back for some blog coverage.

Our counterparts surprised us to dinner at Whisk, a Boston pop up restaurant that is currently residing at 351 Hanover Street in the North End. Whisk is a really novel idea for Boston. We still haven’t completely embraced the pop up model with a notable exception being Guchi’s Midnight Ramen. Guchi Hiro, I’m coming for you man. This particular pop up idea was started by Chef/Owners Jeremy Kean and Philip Kruta. Their mission “is to share our innovative culinary expression and our knowledge with those in need of skills and gainful employment.” Love that.

Down the rabbit hole

candy orange mignonette, oyster liquor foam | lemon aioli, watermelon, cilantro

smoked duck, watermelon, chanterelles, smoked tomato jam

carrot, meringue, pepitos

peanut, nuoc cham, coconut broth

carraway custard, fermented raspberries

peanut, rosemary, lime, and one giant household candle

Thank you for the great dinner, boys!

Yeeee! Happy Birthday to us!

The meal was wonderful with nice touches such as Jeremy Kean swinging by to discuss each of the dishes with us. An even nicer touch was our dessert which was adorned with a giant candle. I laughed when I saw it and made note, big candle, big year. I’m excited to see where Whisk moves next and will make sure I have a seat at it’s new location.

351 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113
(617) 756-7571

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