When my pal Marcus notified me that of all places, Inman Square’s Tupelo landed a top spot on the Thrillist’s list of best places to eat chicken and waffles, I decidedly agreed to throw away all calorie cares and accept his invitation to be the judge of that accolade myself. Marcus is one of the many awesome additions that will be bonded to my family for life once my twinnie and her beau Kevin get hitched this October. I am not only super psyched that she will be uniting our family with an equally awesome family, I am honored. I have developed amazing friendships with the Chan clan men and at this point, can’t really imagine life without them.


Tom Foolery occurs when you ask Mr. E or Marv to take a picture for you

All smiles // Getting a little desperate for chicken

One good lookin’ menu // Kev’s Fireside Chat (another 21st Amendment winner)


Chicken and waffle graveyard

The combination of the chicken and waffles is a delight for anyone who loves mixing sweet and savory – like chocolate covered pretzels on speed. At no point in the meal did I feel weighed down by the fried chicken or the sweet bourbon syrup. My only complaint was that the chicken, while crispy and delicious with the waffle, lacked some seasoning and was a tad dry on its own. I overlooked some of the moisture issues because in all forms, the restaurant combined the chicken with a waffle smeared in spiced whipped cream and syrup or smothered it in some kind of gravy.

I rarely seek out fried chicken as a meal on its own, so I have no problem with Tupelo as a restaurant. They offered a wide array of standard brunch and southern staples that I’m dying to get back there to try.

1193 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone number (617) 868-0004

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