Our last anniversary in Portland, OR

I’ve been backlogged on writing material! A neat opportunity came up at work and I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and focus on the blog. Juggling this new project and wedding planning obligations has certainly kept me busy for the past few months!

Fortunately, the people who love me encourage me to still have a life outside of these two activities. In May, Mr. E and I headed west to Portland to celebrate our last unofficial anniversary before the big day. I’ve had this sneaking curiosity over the past few years and was determined to visit for an upcoming trip. We figured our last May 21st anniversary had to go out with a bang, so a trip was in order.

Still feeling the aftermath of busy season eating, I packed my sneakers and vowed to run every day, which I’m extremely proud to say I did every day… at least three miles… to breakfast.

Aebleskiver that will stop you dead in your tracks at Café Broder

appropriate, I’d say

Always a sucker for wall art when I travel

Blue Star Donuts. I didn’t even have to go to Voodoo Donuts to recognize that Blue Star was superior in my book. I don’t fall for kitschy places that serve Pepto Bismol donuts. Gross. Blue Star’s buttermilk donuts, which I’d highly suggest grabbing during the week vs. the week days, were something else.

Some rude ninja jumped into my picture

Aqua fresca and guac from ¿Por Que No?, a perfect afternoon pick me up

Can’t go to Portland without making some time for green tea at Powell’s Books

Seared foie gras, strawberry, celery leaves, and lentils from Little Bird before the Little Dragon show – probably one of the most surprising and seriously tasty seared foie preparations I’ve ever had

Spur of the moment purchase – Little Dragon tickets at the Roseland

Solid lox, subpar bagel from Mother’s Bistro – don’t hate, I’m biased!

Rainy day, or clammy day (which seems like everyday in Portland!), ramen from a adorable little noodle joint, Boxer Ramen

Local favorites – Secret Aardvark hot sauce and Stumptown cold brew coffee

The Hairstream Trailer – where you can walk in and get a haircut and listen to Fleetwood Mac on cassette!

… we know from experience!

Back at Blue Star… damn it.

Round 2 for bagels and lox — Eisenhower Bagel House. Destination boiled bagel heaven!!!
Rose Test Garden. My grandpa loved roses and I got the chills walking through this place. Very surreal experience for me.

One of the more simple roses in the garden, but my favorite.

Fun flavors from Salt & Straw (pictured – rhubarb & anise crumble and almond brittle)

Spent the last day wandering around Multnomah Falls

Couldn’t have asked for a better trip thanks to this guy. Life is going to be one heck of an adventure because of Mr. E.

Given all of the good food, outstanding runs (if I do say so myself), and the overall great times, Portland is on my list of repeat travel destinations. If you’re into local fare, earth crunchy stuff, and septum piercings (my god, everyone has them!!!), you should get your butt to Portland.

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