Brunch at Coppa

It’s tough to avoid those Sunday crowds when the ladies and gents who brunch are out in droves. Over Labor Day Weekend, Mr. E and I took advantage of the mass exodus and headed over to the South End to visit one of our old favorites, Coppa.

Knowing so much delicious food is on its way, it’s so tough not to fill up on bread and EVOO.  So good!!!

Bacon and Eggs rosemary potatoes, over easy eggs, Coppa bacon, pepper vinaigrette, toast

Pancakes Mais corn pancake, shishito, maple butter

Look at those delicious peppers

In my last post, I mentioned the corn pancake at Coppa is better than Alden & Harlow’s. No competition. It’s huge, in your face, and the shishito peppers add a nice bitterness that balances the summery sweet corn.

I’d say this past visit, Mr. E and I ordered a rather pedestrian meal. Honestly though, the simple dishes are just so darn tasty, I think that’s the way to go!

The menu does include some pretty flashy items.  You can get breakfast pasta or Italian sandwiches, zeppoles. I was hit with a heavy, heavy case of food envy when our table neighbors ordered this insane looking breakfast pizza. Another mouthful of my corn cake justified my decision.

253 Shawmut Ave
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 391-0902

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