Little Big Diner

Happy first day of spring!  Seems like mother nature may have gotten it a bit mixed up with Nor’easter #4 on our heels.  Spring most definitely has not sprung. Welp.

With the cold front coming, my mind immediately wandered back to a dish that really warms my insides – the spicy miso ramen at Little Big Diner. I will proudly admit, I would eat this even if it were 1000 degrees outside and definitely put no climate limits on when I am eating this.


Little Big Diner is one of the my go to spots in Newton Centre. Co-owners Dave Punch and Shane Smyth round out their Newton trifecta with cool suburban bar Sycamore and the newly opened Buttonwood down in Newton Highlands.

The menu offers a pretty loose offering of Asian cuisines ranging from Thai green papaya salads, Hawaiian poke bowls, to more modern flavor combos on traditional Japanese ramen – they had a pumpkin ramen earlier in the fall that was incredible. They also have a solid drink list given the no bar situation and overall size of the restaurant.

I’ve sampled a variety of items off their menu, but my heart will forever be faithful to the spicy miso ramen.  I always order the wicked hot bomb as a side to amp up the heat, but it is pretty hot as is.  For those of you that are not fans of spice, you can omit the heat entirely. The broth is salty and rich, the char siu pork packs a flavor punch (though I wish there was more then two pieces), and the ajima egg is the cherry on top.  I’m no noodle connoisseur – I have not met a noodle I didn’t like – but these are the star of the show.  Little Big Diner is not shy when it comes to their perfectly springy noodles and serves up quite a mound. The serving is pretty large so plan ahead.  I usually try to talk Mr. E into splitting a bowl with me just so I have room for the green papaya salad and some fun ramen add ins, usually an extra ajima egg and the honey corn.  It’s a hard life for Mr. E.

Check it out, rain or shine…or snow. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Be prepared to wait at peak eating times. The restaurant is dine in only and they don’t take reservations.  Fortunately, they’re nestled in a great spot where you can wander around the shops while you wait for the restaurant to give your cell a call when a table is ready for you.

Little Big Diner
1247 Centre Street
Newton, MA 02459
(857) 404-0068

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