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Until junior year in high school, Korean food had never really made its way onto my radar. Being a Korean adoptee, my parents were always very open to Korean culture and educating my twin and me when we were growing up. However, my mother’s attempts at getting us to eat Korean food were easily swatted away with quizzical looks and a no mommy, we want McDonalds. It wasn’t until a high school friend began bringing us into Flushing to taste some of the forbidden fruit. Since then, I was hooked. Korean barbecue was sweet and savory and its side dishes were salty, spicy, tart, and nutty. I found my palate shaken by a whole world of new tastes.

During my four years of undergrad at BU, Korean food was a main staple, something I found myself craving during my most stressful times around midterms and finals. One particular restaurant on Comm Ave. knew I’d be in to grab some of their spicy heartwarming jiggae or stew around those periods.

Sunday’s grey and dreary weather practically ran me to Koreana when my hunger pangs set in.

Cold grey Sundays call for Korean BBQ!

Warming up to a hot cup of boricha, a light
nutty tea that I’m convinced tastes like cheerio milk.

Yangnyam dubu, a chilled salty, savory tofu.

Pan fried veggie gyoza with a cherry on top.

A very wide variety of banchan

Kalbi ready to hit the grill

Hell yes samgyupsal is thick cut pork belly bacon!

Samgyupsal sizzling away

Koreana’s food and service have been consistently good even since my long gone college days. They have nice atmosphere, friendly and attentive staff, and some seriously yummy barbecue. I always order the short ribs (kalbi) and the pork belly (samgyupsal). The waitstaff brings out a slew of side dishes which vary in temperature and tastes. They also serve the meats with a nutty salty dipping sauce for the samgyupsal and a very umami sauce for the kalbi. Rice and lettuce accompany the meats, sauces and sides to make quick ssam bap.

What I really appreciate at Koreana is that the waitstaff gives you a helping hand when you grill your meat. You can let them completely take the reigns or just oversee the process to avoid any cooking mishaps. This is good news for anyone who’s never tried Korean BBQ and may be a little intimidated to try (or for anyone prone to burning your BBQ, cough cough me cough).

Complimentary chilled cinnamon tea cleanses your palate at the end of the meal. Then you’re off on your merry way, too full to really focus on anything but the not so distant memory of the awesome food you just consumed.

158 Prospect St
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 576-8661

Craigie on Main – Chef’s Whim 7.7.13

Every Sunday night, Craigie on Main puts on their Chef’s Whim tasting. They accommodate any dietary restrictions by offering options such as vegetarian or pescatarian, but for the most part it’s whatever the kitchen feels like turning out. On our last trip to the Chef’s Whim, Mr. E went with the pescatarian option and I went with the all in (GIVE ME THAT MEAT!!!!).

amuse – house-cured Sockeye salmon, horseradish cream

The most delicate terrine with pickled vidalia onion and a beer caraway sauce

Yellowfin sashimi with sweet pea coulis, pickled mustard, and ramp kimchi

Grilled black bass with lobster and curried spinach

Pork 2 Ways – slow roasted neck with pickled cherries, carrots,
greens, and maitake mushrooms and a spice crusted rib

Grilled octopus, wheat bulgur, and cipollini onions

Cornmeal blondie with corn, peaches, with noyau ice cream and butterscotch

Dark chocolate marquis with beet and white
chocolate swirled ice cream and beet hibiscus coulis

Hated it

This came at a good time, as Mr. E and I have vowed to be come more active participants in our own kitchen. Be on the lookout for more of recipe sharing posts coming up!

New Year, New Destinations!

Happy 2013 all! It’s been a very memorable and fulfilling year for me. I was able to start this blog which brought me to new uncharted eating territory and back to old favorites, of course.  It also brought me something that I didn’t expect.  I found myself conversing with perfect strangers who would sit beside me at restaurant bars or chat it up with the restaurants’ waitstaff, chefs, bartenders, and hosts.  I also found some really dedicated dining mates who believe in my cause and pushed me to try new and really awesome places I would have otherwise overlooked.  For all of those individuals, I would like to say thank you for making my year of eating new and exciting and truly special.

And now back to business — here’s where I’ll be eating in 2013:

  • Blue Ginger
  • The Butcher Shop
  • Cinquecento
  • Catalyst Restaurant
  • Henrietta’s Table
  • Oleana
  • Russell House Tavern
  • Salts
  • Sorellina
  • Strip T’s

And in general — I plan on eating/imbibing the following in copious amounts:

– Guacamole
– Bayrischer blauschimmelkase
– Oysters all day, err day
– Xiao long bao
– Moscow mules
– Pig tails