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Guess who’s back? Back again. Katie’s back. Tell a friend…

Yes, admittedly I was dragging my feet for a month and I will tell you why. I needed to get my ducks in order – ducks being my passions. Work has left me feeling rather blah these days and coming home to blog late at night felt like an unwelcome chore. Suddenly dining out just didn’t seem as fun when I had to jot things down in a notebook and snap a dozen photos or so of every dish. I knew I had to give myself a month off from everything.

I spent my free time enjoying life, going to the beach every chance I could get, working off some of those excess winter/spring calories (and lost 10 pounds since last summer – oh heyyy!), going on mini vacations with Mr. E & family to Martha’s Vineyard and my own extended family to Virginia Beach. It was glorious. I feel 100% back to myself and now I’m all ready to let the eatfest begin.

In the meantime, I wanted to post some pictures from a really nice weekend I had with my mom earlier this month. Living in Boston with my entire family in New York can feel pretty lonely, particularly when I was raised knowing family always comes first. Seeing these pictures brings a very genuine smile to my face. This is the reason food is so important to me. I share meals with people I love and it becomes such a wonderful memory to me. Affirming that breathes new life into this blog.

My mom and I, out for dinner at B&G Oysters

Is getting a dozen of the daily specials really a question?

Mom’s ridiculous shrimp cocktail (those shrimp were the size of my fist!)

An easy challenge


My amazing watermelon salad – a playful mix of tastes, textures and temperatures

Mom and Twinnie at Aquitaine for Sunday Brunch

Twinnie’s Croque Maigret (Duck Confit and Gruyere Parisian Pressed Sandwich with Tarragon Mustard)

My Benedict Provencal

My mom’s French Toast – yes, that is bacon hiding in there.

Glad you’re all still sticking with me. Food adventures are out there and I will be partaking in everyone I can find. Prepare! Exalt!

Stir: Quick & Impromptu Suppers

Countless restaurants stud Tremont Street in Boston’s South End. I’ve had the pleasure of eating at many and documenting a few. I rarely end up with blog worthy pictures when I do my late night South End dining. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve caught myself longingly eying The Butcher Shop and B&G Oysters. For one reason or another, I’ve been delinquent in making reservations, the root cause of separation between myself and Barbara Lynch’s restaurants. Refer to my Lynch madness here, here, and here. Nestled just beyond these two restaurants on Waltham Street is heaven’s pearly gates, otherwise known as Barbara’s demonstration kitchen and cookbook library, Stir.

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