Roy Moore Lobster Co

Despite living in Massachusetts for the past 9 years, I’ve only recently found a beach that I really like. How I took Long Island’s south shore beaches for granted.

I’ve been frequenting Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester my past few beach visits. Its light house, rocky coast, and small island in the distance makes for an extremely picturesque environment. It draws in a moderate crowd, but I’ve never felt overcrowded there and if you go with enough people in your car, the $25 weekend parking is worth it. What I love even more about coming to this beach is Roy Moore’s Lobster Co the next town over.

Rockport itself is very quaint. The streets are studded with your typical seaside town shops and in the heart of the main drag sits Roy Moore Lobster Co. You can’t miss it with the giant red lobster sign hanging over the door. You walk in with lobster tanks an arm’s length to your right and a wall of police badges to your left. While waiting to order, I immediately found Nassau County. What up Long Island?!

Pretty seagrass on our way to Good Harbor Beach

Twinnie time at the beach // Lobster rolling
Best seat in the house – out back by the Harbor

You go to Roy’s for their steamed lobster deals – $8-12 bucks a pop depending on their size. Normally, I’d go for the no frills lobster, but the last time I visited, I put my princess tiara on and decided being covered in stray pieces of lobster guts and juices was simply not the way I wanted to spend the hour car ride home. I opted for a lobster roll, which was served on a traditional New England top split hot dog bun with a bag of chips. When I got wind they used Miracle Whip in their lobster salad mix, I might have lifted my head for a mere moment to make a face but then kept on eating. Let the record show I will not let a little condiment stop me from enjoying my lobster.

After my Roy Moore binge, I return to the city happy, slightly tanner with a belly full of goodness.

Roy Moore Lobster Co
39 Bearskin Neck
Rockport, MA 01966
(978) 546-6696

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