New Year, New Destinations!

Happy 2013 all! It’s been a very memorable and fulfilling year for me. I was able to start this blog which brought me to new uncharted eating territory and back to old favorites, of course.  It also brought me something that I didn’t expect.  I found myself conversing with perfect strangers who would sit beside me at restaurant bars or chat it up with the restaurants’ waitstaff, chefs, bartenders, and hosts.  I also found some really dedicated dining mates who believe in my cause and pushed me to try new and really awesome places I would have otherwise overlooked.  For all of those individuals, I would like to say thank you for making my year of eating new and exciting and truly special.

And now back to business — here’s where I’ll be eating in 2013:

  • Blue Ginger
  • The Butcher Shop
  • Cinquecento
  • Catalyst Restaurant
  • Henrietta’s Table
  • Oleana
  • Russell House Tavern
  • Salts
  • Sorellina
  • Strip T’s

And in general — I plan on eating/imbibing the following in copious amounts:

– Guacamole
– Bayrischer blauschimmelkase
– Oysters all day, err day
– Xiao long bao
– Moscow mules
– Pig tails

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